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There are many types of transportation. Modes of transportation include legs, skateboard, bike, moped, motorcycle, car, truck, taxi, bus, train, and plane. Have you given much thought as to how you will get around when you are working? Do you know the costs of transporting yourself from one place to another?

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Create a presentation detailing the costs of at least seven modes of transportation. Research the cost of at least one motor vehicle and create a detailed cost analysis. Include purchase price, down payment, financing, insurance, and maintenance for a period of six years. Imagine that you must travel 150 miles a week to get back and forth to work. How much will it cost you a week, month, and year for fuel? Why did you select this vehicle? Create an advertisement for the vehicle you selected. If you have access to public transportation how much would it cost to travel the same 150 miles each week? Create a public service announcement, brochure, advertisement or presentation detailing the benefits of public transportation, walking, or riding a bike to work. Using a CAD tool design your own mode of transportation. Create a timeline of your progress through this problem.




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