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Richard Lehmann

    I have over twenty years of experience actively supporting student achievement through the use of online learning tools and engaging teachers in collaborative teamwork. My specialties are the implementation of online STEM curriculum, project-based learning, and personalized learning through data collection. I like to inspire students and teachers to embrace and embed technology into learning and professional practice. In addition to a Master’s degree in Administration, I have a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Educational Media.

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RL - “Think, Act, Reflect”



The Tiphour Thinker-Space utilizes technology integration in a game like interface to  provide a personalized, dynamic, and differentiated learning environment. The Tiphour Thinker-Space is a pedagogical shift not a complicated install. The main focus is for people to construct learning through project based inquiry, critical thinking, and personal choices. “Think, Act, Reflect”

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