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How much does higher education cost and how will you pay for it? Research two-degree choices and the institutions where you would like to continue your education. Create a presentation detailing each decision. Create a financial analysis of the cost per credit hour and fees associated with your choices. Include all costs to get a degree.

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Create a budget for your future self and include all of the living expenses you think you will have. What is your starting salary for the career you selected? Will you have the money to pay for your school loans? Use a loan payment calculator to calculate your monthly payments on your estimated school loans. Use a term of ten years and estimate the interest rate based on todays loan numbers. To be accepted into a higher education institution many schools will want you to create a letter of intent. Create a letter of intent as to why you want to attend their institution and what are your skills and qualifications. Research ways to fund your higher education and develop a method to keep track of your findings. Sources of funding to consider are scholarships, savings, money from work, and relatives. Create a timeline of your progress through this problem.




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