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The Point Questions

These questions are to help you find your bearings and help you understand certain expectations. Open the Point Questions and use the Internet to research for the answers. Collaborate on your findings.

Create a Collaboration Avatar

Create an avatar of your face/head in a paint/avatar program of your choice. Don’t worry if it does not look exactly like yourself; just do the best you can for now. You can always redo your avatar at anytime. The avatar will be used for collaboration. When you collaborate with someone on solving a TIP problem you will swap avatars and add them to each other’s Technology Integrated Project (TIP) plan in the collaborators section. Set the image size to 150 pixels by 150 pixels when creating your avatar.

Tools List

Everyone has different experiences with regards to tool usage. If you have not worked with a lot of tools up to this point it is not a problem you will learn how to use more tools as you work and learn. Open the Tools List page. Do your best to fill in each line in the tables for each section. Try to come up with a minimum of three items for each section.

Tools Matrix

Create a document with three columns/sections. The column/section headings are Personal Tools, Internet Tools, and School Tools. Add tool icons to the columns/sections and hyperlink the tool icons to tutorials found online that will help you strengthen your skill in using the tool. Add only tools you have had experience using up to this point in order to make a product. As you gain more experience using tools in the class, you will add more tools to your Tools Matrix. Tools Matrix Build - Step by Step…


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