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The field of photography encompasses many different genres. There is art photography, still photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, portrait photography and many others. Select a genre and develop an identity for a photography business related to the genre.

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Create a list of camera equipment along with the cost of the equipment that you will need for your business. Include cameras, lenses, computers, printers, and anything else that you can think of. Create a digital portfolio of original work that relates to the genre you selected. Your portfolio needs to have a theme and contain a minimum of 20 images. The images need to be edited in a photo-editing program and five of the images need to be artistically edited. Artistically edited means that filters were applied for example. Create a survey that will allow for creative criticism of your work. Create a business card and advertisement to inform people about your professional photography. All photography must be appropriate for this grade level. Create a timeline of your progress through this problem.




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