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Coding involves a lot of thinking, patience, and practice. You can get started coding in class but to become good at coding it involves a lot of time out of class practicing tutorials and developing code. Coding takes discipline and an attention to detail. Using the internet discover places that you can learn how to code, and collaborate with coding peers.

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Create a presentation to inform people who might like to code, how they can get started coding. Give a brief synopsis of the places you discover and how each discovery helps with coding. Create a timeline starting with your current understanding of coding and plot a path to where you would like to be over the next two months. On the timeline plot the language(s) you will be studying and the tutorials you plan to complete. Also include links to the materials, websites, and tutorials. Create an avatar and screen name that you can use when consulting online forums about coding. Keep a detailed log of your coding activities. Include tutorials, practice programs, and collaboration with peers. Create a timeline of your progress through this problem.




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