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STEM/STEAM Integration


You would like to open a new concept store in a local mall. This store will use 3d food printers and allow customers to custom order confectionary items. To start out your store will print items out of sugar or chocolate. Customers can order many different items but your business will concentrate on selling cake toppers to produce a large part of your cash flow.

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What technology tools would you need to run the daily operations of this type of business? What tools would you use to advertise your products and services? Who would be your target market for your advertisements? When people come into your store you want to have a video explaining the process of 3d confectionary printing and all of the items that can be made? What technology tools would be needed to create the video? What 3d modeling tools might be used to create custom designs? What products are would you need to produce? Create a timeline of your progress through this problem.




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