Thinker-Space Bullet Points

Thinker-Space “Think, Act, Reflect”

Personalized Learning

Tiphour Thinker-Space

• Differentiated Learning - PBL

• Project Planning/Scaffolding

• Project Management

• Choice, Empowerment, Time

  • Tiphour Thinker-Space is a dynamic differentiated learning environment where students plan and integrate technology into project development.
  • The Tiphour Thinker-Space encourages design thinking and empowerment through individual selection of Technology Integrated Projects while retaining high standards of learning. 
  • The Tiphour Thinker-Space is designed to be challenging and prepare students to be better problem solvers. 
  • Many of the TIP projects include STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART(Design), and Math concepts).

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Technology Integrated - Project Based Learning and Problem Solving

“Designing solutions using process, choice, and time”


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The goals of Tiphour Thinker-Space are one, to build a repository of Technology Integrated Problems that can be integrated into curricular study. Technology Integrated Problems TIPS are scaffolding questions that students use to design and construct technology integrated projects that students then solve. Students learn the process of solving TIP projects and problems during Tiphour. Students then continue to explore their findings in a Technology Integrated Projects (TIP) Lab - TIPLAB setting. Finally, the Tiphour Thinker-Space concepts can be combined and applied in the creation of a TIPclass. In a TIPclass a number of TIP problems and projects are combined to create a subject of focus. To learn more

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