Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

What is virtual reality? Create a presentation detailing what virtual reality is and what it is not. Explain the current direction virtual reality is heading. What technologies are being used to provide virtual reality experiences? What they do, how they work?

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 Imagine that you want to start a technology company that creates virtual reality equipment and experiences. Create a name and logo for a virtual reality company and create a marketing campaign to convince people that your company is cool, relevant, social, and important. Use technology tools to create a fun corporate mascot that appeals to young people and then use a 3D printer for example, to print a prototype of the mascot. For people that might be skeptical of virtual reality, create an marketing campaign detailing why people need virtual reality equipment and experiences. Also come up with a presentation to sell your idea to potential sophisticated investors detail how your company is planning for an eventual listing on a stock market exchange that will make your investors rich.



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