Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

Take an investigative look at today’s social media technology and surveillance technology. Imagine yourself a private investigator, FBI agent, police officer, or corporate executive and it is your job to utilize today’s information technology to find out as much as you can about people.

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Create a presentation to inform people of the types of technologies that are available to track what people do, what people are interested in, and who their friends and contacts are.  Create a survey to gather feedback on how people feel about the different types of technology. Create a private investigating logo and name for an investigating office. Assemble a list of technologies and their cost that the office might use to gather information about people. What is Big Data? How might an investigator use big data to develop a profile of a person? Create a profile presentation of a fictional criminal and explain the technologies used to gather the profile information. Technologies to consider, cell phone data, social media, GPS, and others. Create a timeline of your progress through this problem.



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