Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

*Read Info/Questions Below - Learn all you can before investing any money in the stock market. One way to learn about the stock market is to practice investing by investing imaginary money and keeping track of your choices in a portfolio. Make a game out of learning how to invest. Come up with a dollar amount to get started with.

Select a minimum of five stocks to include in a portfolio/watch list. Use a technology tool for your portfolio and to track your imaginary stock trades. Learn all you can about the companies associated with the stocks in your portfolio. Research is a big component to stock investing it is called due diligence. Keep a log of your due diligence and use hyperlinks where you see fit. Learn the difference between fundamental analysis and technical analysis of stocks and how each is used to invest/trade stocks. Create a presentation on the differences and the terms used.

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*Info/Questions - Learn about sector rotation and create a graphical representation of sector rotation in your favorite graphics program. Indicate on your sector rotation graphic where you think we are now. How does sector rotation relate to the business cycle model and the economy as a whole? What is a trend, and what does it mean when someone says “the trend is your friend”? Answer all questions in a log of your choice. Create at least three more questions of your own and answer them. When you feel confident that you understand some of the rules to investing make some stock selections and keep track of the trades in your portfolio. Create a timeline of your progress through this problem.

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