Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

*Read Info/Questions Below - Create a presentation detailing what privacy is or is not in the modern digital age. What technologies are being used to provide a sense of privacy? What technologies are being used to deteriorate our sense of privacy? Imagine that you want to start a technology company that creates online security profiles to help people stay as privet as possible.

Create a name and logo for this company and create a marketing campaign to convince people that your company is cool, relevant, social, and important. For people that might be skeptical of online privacy, and the ability to stay private, create an marketing campaign detailing why people need privacy when online and in life generally. Use technology tools to create a fun corporate mascot that appeals to young people and then use a 3D printer for example, to print a prototype of the mascot. Create a presentation to sell your idea to potential sophisticated investors. Detail how your company is planning for an eventual listing on a stock market exchange.

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*Info/Questions - Is there such a thing as privacy in our modern digital society? magine that you are creative person or an inventor how do you protect your creativity and inventiveness in an environment where everything is shared for “free” through social websites with very powerful user agreements? There are many companies that make profits trading information they acquire through an army of individuals providing “free” information about their “friends”. Even if you don’t participate in these websites or personally share data, it is very likely you will invite someone into your home, business, or organization with a “smart” phone. The “smart” phone is loaded with the latest sensors and high definition camera. In their social interaction with you they may take a GPS encoded picture and post it to a website and “tag” you with your name and other information without your consent. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture in the modern digital age is worth millions of pixels and each pixel provides a wealth of information. The same can be said of your voice, and the intonation of your spoken words. If no one is willing to give up their “smart” phones loaded with sensors, cameras, microphones, and social media outlets can there ever be privacy? Are we going to accept this as a fact, or are our we as a society going to reevaluate what freedom and privacy are and vote for protections? Are we learned helpless or do we have a voice? If there is a consensus that there is no privacy in a modern online society, who should have control of the information, and have access to the information? People who can pay money, private for profit corporations, Governments, or should all of the information gathered be provided to the citizens in a structure that resembles libraries?

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