Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

*Read Info/Questions Below - Select some “smart” phones and create a presentation detailing what each antenna and sensor does in the phones you selected. Also, detail all of the features and specifications and why they are important. Explain what they do, how they work, and the information they collect.

Create a name and logo for a “smart” phone company and create a marketing campaign to convince people that your company is cool, relevant, social, and important. Create a phone that your company would sell. List all of the sensors, features and specifications that your phone would contain.. Create a marketing campaign detailing why people need a “smart” phone. Use technology tools to create a fun corporate mascot that appeals to young people and then use a 3D printer for example, to print a prototype of the mascot.

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*Info/Questions - What makes a “smart” phone smart? How many antennas and sensors does a modern smart phone have?  What specifications are important to understand when selecting a “smart” phone? Select a fitness tracker or “smart” watch that connects to the “smart” phone you selected. How many more sensors are added? What type of information do these sensors collect? List a collection of applications that utilize the sensors in the “smart” phone, fitness trackers, and “smart” watches. Imagine that you want to start a technology company that creates “smart” phones, fitness trackers, and “smart” watches. Are there any other sensors you would add? Why?

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