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Teacher Integrated Planning

Tiphour, TIPLAB, and TIPclass combine to form a personalized dynamic differentiated planning environment that does not need special equipment, curriculum, or consumables. Tiphour, TIPLAB, and TIPclass is a pedagogical shift not a complicated install. The main idea of Tiphour is to flip project development from the administration to the teachers while still retaining the values that constitute a highly respected learning environment. The Tiphour TIPLAB works as an incubator for project based learning. Teachers and administration are encouraged to utilize the resources available to succeed in all classes. This is mainly accomplished through the use of a structured process that includes Time Management Assessment/Evaluation for the logging of classwork, technology resources and other “Key Evaluations”. Teachers and administration  work on an unlimited selection of personalized learning strategies. Use the Roboglyph above for navigation. It is set up like a game so it takes some practice to learn the process and rules. Be patient and you will have lots of fun learning. Click the red button if you get lost.

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