Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

I would like to learn about _______ and its effect on ________. I would like to create a ______ to inform ________ about ______. I would also like to know what the costs are to ______ . I would like to create a _______ to analyze the costs. I would also like to create a ______ and inform _______ about _____ and how it impacts _________

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To be considered a TIP you must have at least three products to create. Use a minimum of three skills working on the project. Integrate at least one technology tool. Include evaluations for the products you plan to create. You can always add more products and information in your project as needed. You can also use any sample project as a starting place to create a new project. “The biggest part of creating a new project is knowing what questions to ask.” - RL

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