Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

What is crypto-currency? Why would we need a different type of money/currency? Create a presentation detailing what crypto-currency is and what it is not. Explain the current direction crypto-currency is heading. What technologies are being used to provide crypto-currency? What they do, how they work?

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Imagine that you want to start a technology company that creates crypto-currency. Create a name and logo for a crypto-currency company and create a marketing campaign to convince people that your company and crypto-currency is cool, relevant, social, and important. Use technology tools to create a fun corporate mascot that appeals to young people and then use a 3D printer for example, to print a prototype of the mascot. For people that might be skeptical of crypto-currency, create an marketing campaign detailing why people need crypto-currency. Also come up with a presentation to sell your idea to potential sophisticated investors. Detail how your company is planning for an eventual listing on a stock market exchange that will make your investors rich.



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