Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

This can be a real band or one that you make up. Who is your target market? What type of music does your band play? Develop a name for your band and a logo to represent your band. Create an advertisement to market your band. Create a spreadsheet detailing your bands equipment. Include all equipment, from guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, mixing boards, cables, everything that your band uses.

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How much did the equipment cost and what is it’s current value. You can also include equipment that you would like to have in the future. Just create a future equipment cost analysis on your spreadsheet. Create another cost analysis of how much it would cost for your band to go on a three city tour. Make an advertisement promoting your tour. The reason your band is going on tour is to promote your new CD and the new songs on your CD. Create the artwork for the new CD cover.  What are the lyrics to one of the new songs? Create a demo of the new song and play the demo to a limited audience. Provide the audience a survey form so that they can provide you feedback about your song. Create a timeline of your progress through this problem.

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