Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

STEM/STEAM Integration

Read the scenario below (*1) Create a corporate ID for an AI company and create a marketing campaign to convince people that your company is cool, relevant, social, and important. Use technology tools to create a fun corporate mascot that appeals to young people and then use a 3D printer for example, to print a prototype of the mascot.

For people that might be skeptical of your company, and your plan to use their data to create an AI machine that will maximize your profits. Create a marketing campaign detailing what you think the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) are, and how this technology might help humanity. Also come up with a presentation to sell your idea to potential sophisticated investors who will benefit immensely from the data your company will collect. In your plan, detail how your company is planning for an eventual listing on a stock market exchange that will maximize profits and make your investors rich and more powerful. Or, maybe you have a different plan for an artificial intelligence matrix.

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Scenario *1 - Imagine that you want to start a technology company that creates a network of smart machines all hooked into the internet that will gather large sums of information about how people use machines. In other words you want to create an internet of things (IOT). You want to collect data on how people use their appliances in their homes. What temperature they keep there living spaces. What their heart rate is throughout the day. How fast they drive their cars. To name a few ideas, what else could you monitor? You want to store all this data on large server farms that will last forever and feed this information into an artificial intelligence (AI) machine matrix. Your business model is that you want to look for repeating patterns of human behavior based on predictable data inputs. With this information you plan to maximize your profits buy selling what you learn about people to advertisers, businesses, and the government. How else might you make money with the information gathered? You will accomplish this by creating software, and algorithms that will analyze the “big data” you gather from these interconnected machines from hundreds of millions of people. Your company also plans to lobby congress to pass laws that require all manufactured appliances, cars, and machines to include internet connectivity. Your company also wants to lobby congress to provide “free” internet access to all citizens.

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